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Who we are

For as long as we can remember, pets have been always a part of our lives. Over the many years, we have learned their ways, what they like, what they don’t like, where to scratch, what to feed and how to make them feel better. When Bark Street started it was a place made for our own pets, to be cared for when we were not around. Later on this went on to our families and our friends who needed a place to look after their pets. We understand how important and worrying it is, to keep your four legged family member away from home when you’re not there, but now Bark Street can be your pet’s second home.


Pet Boarding at Bark Street

What started off as a second home for our own pets has grown into a service for many others. Currently we provide a range of premium to standard boarding facilities for pets of all sizes and types.

Pet food and pet products

barkstreet provides premium pet food products and other pet related products to our clients. Arden Grange, pet food which is imported from the UK, can be ordered around the country, online or at certain vets and supermarkets.

Friendly Advice

All of us had many questions when we got our first pet, and there would be constant questions if the pet didn’t eat, slept too much, ate too much and so on. We understand being lost, and if you need help, we are there.