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dental clinic
Dental Clinic
dental clinic
Dental Clinic
dental clinic
Dental Clinic
dental clinic

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Who we are – Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic uses the highest quality dental materials. We also employ the best dental technicians to ensure that your dental work is flawless and fabricated to your exact requirements. In addition to cosmetic dentistry we also offer high quality general dentistry to look after all your general dental needs as well as round the clock emergency treatment in Colombo. Dental Clinic

Our Ethos

  • To offer our services in a caring and relaxed manner.
  • To provide a quality service at an affordable price.
  • To use the latest prevention techniques so that there is minimal intervention or destruction of sound dental tissues. We sincerely believe – prevention is better than cure.
  • To work with you to improve your smile so that you feel more confident and more importantly your regular dental care ensures that you have the added confidence of fresh breath.

Continual Education

All Members of our dental team are required to attend courses regularly so as to keep up with all the latest developments.

Cross Infection

All our hand instruments including dental handpieces are sterilized by Autoclave between patients. We use disposable single use products wherever possible, this is done in the interest of our patients and staff.

Infection control measures during dental treatment in Dental Clinic

In face of the high risk of COVID-19 infection, we strictly follow the occupational protection system and regional isolation regulations, and stick to the principle one patient in one room. Our dental clinics have set full-time personnel for prevention and control of COVID-19 and have trained our dental surgeons and nurses to follow the disinfection rules, hand hygiene system, individual protection process, and so on to make sure the control measures are implemented very strictly. Preventive and control measures for COVID-19 transmission in our dental clinic
  1. Patient appointment given only after questions relating to their health, location, occupation, COVID-19 risk and contact and urgency of treatment.
  2. Only one patient allowed to enter clinic unless minor or disabled (if minor or disabled with one guardian/parent) Only one patient per one area in clinic
  3. When patient enters disinfection sprayed and his/her hands sanitized. His/her temperature is recorded by nurses. Patient data and history form to be filled and arrival register to be filled with disinfected pens.
  4. Once patient is in waiting area, he/she will be asked to wear the new individual use PPE which is LDPE and biodegradable and continue to wear his/her mask.
  5. Clinic waiting area is continuously disinfected with HEPA filters, air purifier, anion generator.
  6. Before patient enters clinic, the doctor and nurse will wear single use LDPE PPE above their existing full cover water repellant PPE, KN95 mask, goggles and face shield.
  7. When patient is clear to enter clinic, he/she will be asked to remove his/her facemask, and rinse with antiseptic mouthwash for 30 seconds including gargling throat.
  8. After all these protective measures, discussion, examination and treatment will commence between patient and doctor. Patient will be able to see their issue/s on screen, before and after treatment is completed, so a better communication, and understanding outcome with treatment plan is made.
  9. Once the treatment is completed patient’s LDPE PPE removed and placed in special disposal and patient asked to don their mask.
  10. After patient exits, the nurse/s and doctor who took part in treatment will remove the individual LDPE PPE in to special disposal, while standard full cover PPE is still worn and entire clinic including waiting area, disinfected and cleaned, by use of chlorine and alcohol based disinfectants.
  11. The entire clinic including waiting area/s and door handles, sprayed by disinfection with 80% alcohol and ventilated.
  12. For aerosol generating procedures/surgical procedures, ozone generator and UV light used to disinfect clinic as additional precaution, and this is used also between sessions as well.
  13. Then next patient called in to clinic and same steps 2-12 repeated.
  14. Next patient/s needs to wait outside in private vehicles or in our garden area with 1 meter distancing and will be called via telephone in to clinic, once current patient treatment is complete, and clinic is empty of patients.
*All communications strictly via mobile phones, patients are kindly requested to bring their mobile phone to clinic so our team can maintain contact via phone regarding time and entering clinic. If any change in mobile number please inform us immediately. **Please note that in order to implement all these protective measures for our patients and staff benefit, appointment times may vary, more so than usual. We hope you will understand this and offer us your patience to provide you the best and most safe dental treatment in Sri Lanka.

Protective equipment at our Dental Clinic

  1. Air purifier with HEPA filters, anion generator
  2. Non contact infrared digital thermometer
  3. Mechanized alcohol sprayer
  4. Floor wiper with spray disinfectant
  5. UV light and Ozone generator
  6. Sanitizer
  7. Medical grade disinfectants
  8. Medical grade non soap hand wash
  9. Full cover PPE 210gsm, water repellant
  10. face shield
  11. googles
  12. KN95 and 3 ply masks
  13. Individual single use LDPE PPE (biodegradable) for patient and staff
  14. Gloves
  15. High power suction at 200 liters a minute for aspiration of aerosol
  16. Autoclave B class
  17. All dental instruments sealed in autoclavable pouches and opened when in use only
  18. Most items single use and disposable: syringe, needles, gloves, saliva ejectors, cups, micro applicators, and filling material etc.
We offer world class COVID protection and international standards at The Dental Clinic, Sri Lanka. Please visit us for the safest possible dental treatment in current conditions. ***Please note we reserve the right to not treat patients if not in their or our best interests. In such situation appointment postponed and a doctor will be in touch to offer medicine or any other support via phone.