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Neptune Health – Mind wellness & long term care center

Neptune Healthcare with a history running back to over 45 years is the pioneer in providing mind wellness and long-term healthcare in the private medical sector.

The establishment firstly known as Dr.Chako’s hospital and later St.Luke’s Hospital was re-named in late 80’s as Neptune Hospital.

Neptune Healthcare is operated by Park Hospitals (Pvt) Ltd one of the leading private hospitals in Colombo. We are registered establishment at Ministry of Health Sri Lanka and accredited with all major insurance companies in the region. We are tied up with all major healthcare providers in Sri Lanka and have a capacity to handle any type of mental health/long term care patients in the country.

At Neptune Healthcare all patients are GUARANTEED CONFIDENTIALITY of treatments.



WHY CHOOSE US – Neptune Health

  1. Special nursing observation for psychiatric patients
  2. Provide safe environment for the patients
  3. Violent patient management by experienced nurses and special security
  4. Always ensure confidentiality except in case of psychiatric behaviour, drug and sexual abuse
  5. Complete psychiatric assessment includes history, taking mental status examination, physical examination with relevant lab and psychological test. (Mental status examination includes patient’s appearance, his/her behaviour and mood, abnormality in his thought process, perception and change in patient’s higher mental functions.)
  6. Family Education Therapy
  7. Supportive Therapy
  8. Prepare for routine test for investigation of psychiatric patients including blood investigation, ECG, X-ray and CT brain scan, Brain MRI, detection of abnormality are commonly used specific routine test in psychiatry
  9. We always respect and accept all psychiatric patients
  10. We give total nursing successfully for any type of psychiatric disorder

OUR FACILITIES – Neptune Health

  • 24/7 services
  • Admissions: Day admissions/ Half day admissions done in the OPD cubicles, Standard rooms, Deluxe rooms, Luxury rooms to luxury 3 roomed apartments are available for patient admissions
  • Laboratory:UN Laboratories operated with Park Hospital, Durdans, Lanka Hospital Nawaloka Hospital and Singaporean LAB networks
  • Pharmacy
  • ECT treatment center
  • Operation Theater
  • Specialist channel consultation
  • Foreign hospital services informational center

OTHER SERVICES – Neptune Health

  • Investigations (X-Ray, CBCT Dental Scan, Dental X-Ray, US Scan, ECG, Endoscopy, etc)
  • Dental surgery
  • Fertility unit
  • Child development center
  • Allied health services (Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist, Dietitian, Psychological Counsellor, etc)