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About us- Pioneer Cleaning

With over twenty years’ experience in the industry, we have created an extraordinarily strong and extremely effective management structure in all areas of our services.

Pioneer Cleaning offers cleaning services across a wide range to suit our clients’ requirements, while satisfying them with an outstanding service.

This is achieved through our innovative methods implemented for the operational/administrative system, which puts our employees and supervisors in complete control to achieve the required standards.

From the advanced systems maintained and the years of “know how”, we have grown in the industry. We feel we are quite ahead of our competitors.

“Service First” is our motto and we are totally committed to this slogan.

Apart from all the above we maintain attractive salaries to our employees. All employees are insured, and they benefit with loan facilities, death donations and many more welfare facilities.

We feel all these values, along with hard work are exactly why our business has grown from strength to strength over the years while we maintain services above the industry average.

Apart from the above we are pleased to declare that we are a sister company of the Pioneer Security Services (Pvt) Ltd, established in 1980, which is a leading company in the Security industry in Sri Lanka. (


We assure in providing quality and excellence cleaning services and related services to keep the clients’ premises clean and healthy. We provide quality chemicals, equipment, and high-tech machines with well-trained employees to execute our services to high standards.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We proud to announce that we are the leading Commercial office cleaning supplier, who maintains high tech standards to offer its cleaning / janitorial services to commercial premises in Sri Lanka. Further we provide commercial cleaning services together with tea serving. We have customized regular commercial cleaning services plans to fit our client’s budgets and needs. House Cleaning Services

Our well trained permanent uniformed staff will ensure detail cleaning and privacy in all homes. We specialized with housekeeping practices and especially we keen to serve in Colombo and suburbs. We have flexible service cycles mentioned below and could be adjust in line with our clients’ needs and requirements.
  • a.      Daily services on late hours, early hours or during convenient hours
  • b.      Twice a week services
  • c.      Weekly services
  • d.      Weekday/s only services
  • e.      Weekends only services
  • f.      Twice a month service (Fortnight)
  • g.      Monthly services
We will ensure that you will save your precious time and stress by hiring PIONEERS who willing to take care of the responsibilities of cleaning your premises, which allow you to spend more time doing the things you love. Tea Serving Services

Our well-mannered energetic young stewards will serve tea and coffee to your employees and clients of the organization. Also, for special functions too. Further we provide quality tea, coffee, milk, sugar, and tea serving / preparing equipment’s on the request of clients. General Cleaning Services

General cleaning includes deep cleaning, vacuuming and dust/dirt/cobwebs removing of all corners of any given facility which cleans below areas. These services are provided by a team of employees who have lot of experiences on this field. Our company owned high tech machines and equipment’s are rare in the industry when compared with our competitors.
  • a..      Entire floor, wall, and ceiling areas.
  • b.      All washrooms and pantries
  • c.      All Common areas
  • d.      Internal windows and door
  • e.      Furnitures
  • f.       Exterior windows, claddings, and façade (When applicable)
  • g.      Gutters and down pipes (When applicable)
  • h.      Internal drainage pipes (When applicable)
  • i.       Garden area (When applicable)
  • j.       Waste removal
General cleaning services mostly provided on below grounds
  • a.      Deep cleaning for facilities on weekly, fortnight, monthly, biannually, or annually
  • b.      Deep cleaning for pre-sale or for end of leasing period of facilities
  • c.      Deep cleaning for Initial and post-constructions of newly constructed/ renovated buildings
Cleaning Of Exterior Windows Claddings And Facade

We are professionally qualified with proper equipment to clean/wash any external surface of an any high-rise building in anywhere in the country. Our well-trained and experienced team is highly assured for external cleaning projects. Our employees aware of using of rope harness, scare folding’s, knuckle boom trucks and extendable telescopic water fed poles, which are designed for cleaning of external windows, claddings, and facades. Carpet Sofa Shampooing And Cleaning

Our high-tech machines especially built for carpet/fabric shampooing is capable in removing 99% of stains/germs and destroy unpleasant odors, which enhances brand new appearance to the surface as well increases longevity of the carpet/fabric. We use only, 3m carpet/fabric cleaner chemicals products, which ensures cleaning process is 100% environmentally friendly and surface will be dry in few hours, looking clean and bright Floor Scrubbing Polishing And Cutting

These services could be applied to tile, cement, terrazzo, terracotta, granite, and titanium floors. Maintaining floors is an essential practice for any commonly used area. It is important for safety reasons, as well as ensuring a presentable environment for all users and protecting the lifespan of floor surface. We use heavy duty floor scrubbers with quality scrubbing pads. Chemicals used for floor scrubbing is 100% environmentally friendly and no harm for surfaces. Office Aides

We provide below employees in keeping with eyes to assist our esteemed clients with their day-to-day official works. We do joint interviews to select the right candidate, who suit with client’s requirement and advertising, replacing, leaves, statutory payments, salaries, maintaining of discipline, background verifications and all other obligations / hassles related to relevant employees, will absorbed by PIONEERS on behalf of clients.
  • a.      Office assistance
  • b.      Messengers
  • c.      Dispatch riders
  • d.      Labors
  • e.      Drivers